PCC Meeting – Monday 15th November 2021

Following consultation the proposal is that we meet in-person on Monday 15th November.  No-one has so far said they are unable to attend (Caroline is collecting Jean).  If this changes, then we will revert back to online, as it is more important that everyone is present.  Please arrive in good time to start promptly at 7:30pm. 

I enclose all the documents for the meeting.  Thank you to all those who have worked so hard to produce this material.  As usual there is a lot that members want to raise, so it is very important that everyone has read these documents and familiarised themselves with the issues.  Any direct questions of clarification could be dealt with before the meeting and this would definitely save time.  The draft timings are intended as maximums not your allowance.  If an item cannot be completed satisfactorily in the time allotted, it may be moved to the end of the meeting.
As usual, items of any other business must be notified to me before the meeting, and then I will be able to plan the best way to deal with them.