Alpha Course:

Starting Tuesday 19th January



2020 was a bit of a peculiar year!  We’ve had to learn new ways of working, socialising, doing family and living.
We’ve also had to face the possibility of illness in a way we’ve not had to do before.  And some of us have lost very dear family members and friends to Covid-19.

We are offering people the chance to join an online Alpha course run by St Christopher’s Church to meet with other people to discuss some of those big questions. This is a course about faith and about whether Jesus, the Bible, and God provide any answers to those questions in uncertain times.

The Alpha course follows a set format of watching a short film and then talking together about what we think about the questions the film raises each week.  Usually there would be a meal shared together, and some time for chatting about life in general as well, but in the early stages we will run our Alpha course online.  Please feel free though to bring a cup of tea, or your supper, along to the meeting!

Alpha is for everyone and anyone, whatever stage you are at in your faith experience: whether you once went to church and are looking to find a way in again, or have never been to church but feel that there must be more to life than you’ve found yet.
We will be starting our meetings on 19 January in the evening, and we would love to have you come and join us.

If you have questions about the Alpha course, contact our associate minister at St Christopher’s, Caroline Mullins, via email