Pilgrim Course

Pilgrim is a major new teaching and discipleship resource from the Church of England that explores what it means to travel through life with Jesus Christ. A course for the twenty-first century

Pilgrim offers an approach of participation, not persuasion. Enquirers are encouraged to practice the ancient disciplines of biblical reflection and prayer, exploring key texts that have helped people since the early Church. Pilgrim is made up of two parts: Follow and Grow. Follow introduces the Christian faith, while Grow aims to develop a deeper level of discipleship. Assuming little or no knowledge of the Christian faith, Pilgrim can be used at any point on the journey of discipleship and by every tradition in the Church of England.

We are using “The Pilgrim Course” for those who want to deepen their faith and learn about discipleship.

We are running “Pilgrim” in short 6 weeks blocks.  You can join at any point!

We are planning to continue with “How do Christians know and Worship God – The Lord’s Prayer” after Christmas, on Monday’s from 11am to 12:30pm.  The six dates are: 7th Jan 2019, 14th Jan, 21st Jan, 28th Jan, 4th Feb, 11th Feb 2019

You can register your interest by emailing vicar@stchristopherschurch.org.uk or simply come along!