Hinchley Wood Safari Park

We’re displaying pictures of exotic animals, birds, fish and insects in our  windows for people to spot when walking around Hinchley Wood on their permitted essential exercise.

Every two weeks there will be an animal displayed in a group of houses around Hinchley Wood. From the 18th January, the chosen animal is a lion. You will be able to find activities associated with this animal here. Look out for colouring pages, quizzes, recipes, fact sheet and links to other ideas and much, much more. See below………….  

You can also keep in touch by emailing HWSP2021@gmail.com or you can find us at https://www.facebook.com/Hinchley-Wood-Safari-Park-Lockdown-

Do ya wanna go on a lion hunt? Well ya can!!  From 18th – 31st January there will be pictures of lions in the following roads in Hinchley Wood: Avondale Ave, Claygate Lane [upper], Chesterfield Drive, Eastmont, Greenwood Rd., Harefield, Hinchley Close, Lynwood Rd., Manor Drive, Manor Rd North, Medina Ave, Montgomery, Wessex Close. Can you spot them all?  You will also see lots of other animals on your journey.

Use this link https://www.paperturn-view.com/hinchley-wood-safari-park/first-edition-3pdf?pid=MTM135695&v=7  to access a huge variety of activities for all the family. We hope you have fun finding out all about lions and lots more!

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