Children and Holy Communion

At the altar rails each week or in procession, many in our Church are able to receive Holy Communion. At the same time the children of the parish, baptised into Christ but still growing in their faith, also approach and what we offer them is a quick blessing .

Sometimes the children say “Give me some”, parents respond saying “you are not ready for this yet”, or they break off a small piece of the host and feed their child themselves. It seems so natural to see a parent feeding their child, and continuing to live the baptism promise to bring up their child in the “practice of the faith”.

We wish to continue to encourage children and young families to feel welcome.  We are happy to prepare children from school year 3 to receive Holy Communion.  Adults and older children too can be given instruction separately.

Our Course has three elements, Sunday worship, classes and activities for children, and support for parents.

Parents need to register their children so that we can obtain the course materials.

Register your interest by emailing