Weddings & Blessings

We love church weddings!

Getting married is one of the most important events in anyone’s life. Saying “Yes, I love that person so much that I want to spend the rest of my life with him or her,” is an enormous leap of commitment for anyone to make.

Getting married in church is about acknowledging that such an important step in life needs all the support that it can get. That is why family and friends are there to support us. Perhaps more importantly, getting married in church is about asking God to be there witnessing the marriage, supporting both partners in good times and bad, sustaining and loving us both. The wedding is not an end in itself but only the beginning of a whole life together.

If you are celebrating your marriage in another church we can help you get your Banns read, and help you with your preparations.  If you are getting married at a non-church venue, or abroad, would you like your marriage blessed in church afterwards?  We can help you with that celebration.

The parish clergy can help you with:

  • Booking a wedding and arranging your preparation
  • Questions about getting married in Church or having a Church blessing
  • Questions about marriage after divorce or same-sex marriage
  • Resources to help you both prepare for marriage, and prepare for parenthood

There are a lot of misconceptions around.  Please come and talk to one of the clergy, we can often explain properly and help.

There is a very helpful Church of England Website at: