Parish Prayer Week – 23rd to 27th October

Fr. Peter will be in Church, dedicating each day to prayer and spiritual renewal.

The Church will be open during these days and anyone is welcome to come along and take part.  

The “rough timings” are as follows:

  • 9:30am   Morning Prayer
  • 10:00am  Silent Reflection
  • 11:00am  Praise and Singing
  • 11:30am  Bible Reading and Reflection
  • 12:30pm  Holy Communion
  • 1:00pm  Lunch and Chat
  • 2:00pm  Christian Film or Music to Calm the Soul
  • 3:30pm  Intercession
  • 4:00pm  Evening Prayer
  • 4:30pm  Finish!

There is a specific prayer intention for each of the days:

  • Tuesday 23rd October – Lord, teach us to pray
  • Wednesday 24th October – The Young People of Hinchley Wood
  • Thursday 25th October – The People of the Parish
  • Friday 26th October – The Finances of the Parish
  • Saturday 27th October – The Community and the Community Groups


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