This Week’s Intercessions


Lord, we thank you that we can come to you in any situation and on any day, and we thank you especially that we are able to come to you here in church, together, as part of your family on earth.

Lord, there are so many things we would like to pray about, but we know they are often related to the way we treat ourselves, other people and the planet we live on.  It is so easy to blame others for every misuse of the earth and its resources, every outbreak of disease, every raging fire, and so much harder to realise that we ourselves are part of the problem.  And so we pray that you will help us to live responsibly, aware of how much we waste, how much carbon we are putting into the atmosphere by the way we live, so that we can take steps to lower our own carbon footprint and make the world a better place for others.

Lord, in your mercy ……  Hear our prayer 

Lord, water gives us life, but to many it brings death.  We know that in so many parts of the world there are no sources of clean water, no sewers but the one that goes straight into the river.  Please help us, with our comfortable lifestyle, to make clean water, deep wells and basic hygiene one of our priorities when we think about where to give our money, especially at the moment now that we are hoping to twin all our toilets with other parts of the world which don’t have such basic luxuries.

Lord, in your mercy ……….  Hear our prayer

Lord, we pray for those parts of the world where there is conflict and hunger, and we pray for the people who live there, or who are fleeing from such difficult and dangerous situations.  We pray for politicians and those who negotiate agreements which affect so many.  May they have compassion and awareness of how their actions may affect those who need help.  We pray for our own politicians too, that they may make wise decisions about the many different issues that need their leadership.

 Lord, in your mercy ……  Hear our prayer

Lord, we thank you when we think how fortunate we are to live in such a green and pleasant part of the world, for the abundance of nature which surrounds us and for the sunshine and the rain.  May we never forget those in our community who are not so fortunate as we are, and do all we can to make their lives easier. And so we pray for those who ill, or in any kind of need.  Especially we pray for Hilda, Michael, Eileen and Julia.  We also pray for Don, that you will be especially close to him as today is his wedding anniversary, and he and Moira would have been married for 59 years.

 Lord, in your mercy ……  Hear our prayer

Lord, we bring these prayers to you, and pray that we will be able to live in the light of them, as we know that without you we can do nothing. Please help us as we go home and into next week to live more closely connected to you and in the light of your love.

Rejoicing in the fellowship of St Christopher, and of all your saints, we commend ourselves and the whole creation to your unfailing love.

Merciful God accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.