This Week’s Intercessions

Sunday before Lent

In the power of the Spirit and in union with Christ, let us pray to the Father.

Lord, we thank you for your eternal love for us, and for the example of Jesus who showed us the depths of your love while he was here on earth. We thank you for this world you have made, for its beauty, for the promise of spring, with buds on the trees and flowers on the ground. Help us to do what we can to look after your world in any way we can.

We pray for our church set in the middle of a world of so much need. May we be generous in our response to the needs of others when we see them, whether it is a local need where we can perhaps help in a practical way, or a more widespread need where the only response we can make is to pray for all those who suffer, and maybe give to organisations which are helping to alleviate their distress. At this time, we pray for everyone suffering from the Corona virus, and for those who live in fear of it, for the medical personnel who are doing so much to relieve their pain, and for those who are working to find a vaccine.

Lord, we know that we often fail you, and each other, but that you are always ready to forgive us and help us to start again. Help us to be generous and loving in the same way and always be ready to forgive each other as you did. On this Valentine’s Sunday we pray for all those who are here to renew their marriage vows. We pray that you will encourage them when life seems ordinary, guide them when the path is rocky, and bless them in their love for each other, that it may continue to deepen and be a blessing to them and to others too. We also pray for those whose partners are not able to be here, for whatever reason. Please also bless them and give them the assurance of your love for them.

We pray for those we know who are sick, for those who are anxious about them, and for those who care for them. We remember in our prayers our Minister, Peter Jenner and pray that he will recover well from his operation. We remember too, those who have died …. Maureen Price, Frank Elders, Mary Findley, and John, Dorothy’s son-in-law. We pray that your love and comfort may be with them as they mourn.

Thank you Lord for this time with you in church. May we take your love from this place to all the people we meet at our work and in our activities this week.