This Week’s Intercessions

The Epiphany of the Lord 

Dear Lord, we thank you for your inspiration to us at this time, when at the beginning of the new year we remember your baptism in the River Jordan.  Although you were without sin, you fulfilled the scriptures and set an example for all of us to commit ourselves to renewal of our lives to your purpose.   We ask you to inspire and help us as the year progresses.

We pray for the needs of the world and especially for peaceful negotiations to resolve the various tensions in the Middle East which have worsened in the last few weeks.  We remember also the tragic sequence of events leading to the plane-crash in Iran, and our hearts go out to the victims and their families.  May all who are dear find closure and comfort according to their needs.

We pray for the balance of nature, your creation.  We recall to mind flooding in parts of East Asia, whereas, in Australia, terrible bush fires are devastating large areas, killing wildlife and ruining peoples’ lives.  Give strength and wisdom to those who are fighting the fires, rescuing people and animals and giving shelter.  May those who are involved be given the courage and help needed to rebuild what is destroyed, so that eventually the whole country can recover.

We continue to pray for this country as we make our way towards leaving the European Union.  May our leaders make sensible and practical decisions in our future relations with Europe and the rest of the world so that everyone benefits from principles of justice and fairness.  May we continue to uphold laws made during our time in the European Union which safeguard the environment and promote fair dealing and trade.

We give thanks for good guidance given by local leaders, including our clergy and the people who promote church life and the continuation of community in the Parish of St Christopher’s Hinchley Wood.  We pray for the success of the Parish Vision Day this Saturday as we explore good practice and new projects to share God’s love for his people here and elsewhere.  We also express our gratitude towards the Mothers’ Union today for its work around the world and inspirational leadership worldwide, nationwide and locally.  May we give this fine organization our best support possible in the coming year.

Finally, we pray for your comforting guidance for all who are sick, lonely or distressed in any form.  We remember the friends and family of Mary Findlay who is now in your tender care.  We name others in the silence of our hearts, confident that you alone know what is best for all of us.