Service Sheet

One of the lessons of the COVID pandemic is that many people are happy to download a service sheet to their tablet or mobile phone and use that during the service. As we are an Eco Church, this is great as it saves us printing too many copies.

Service Sheet – St Christopher’s Patronal Festival

This is a special order of service for Sunday 28th July. If you’re coming in person we have service booklets available. If you’re joining us online, here is a link to the order of service for today:


Service Appendix

this changes each week and gives the ‘extra bits’ – the readings, prayers, hymn numbers etc. If you’re happy with the technology then download this too!


We no longer include the hymns in our Service Sheets and have returned to using Hymn Books. If you wish to attend services virtually on a regular basis, we are happy to deliver a hymn book to your home, please contact Rev Caroline or the Churchwardens.