The Lent Menu

Christians consider Lent as an opportunity to intensify their spirituality and make time for activities that may go by the wayside at other times of the year.

Some people use Lent as a time of discipline, getting back on track by eliminating some indulgences from our lives. Other people focus on doing something positive and extra. Lent however is not a competition, but simply a time for personal growth in holiness.

Lent begins on Wednesday 6th March with Ash Wednesday. On that day we will have two Eucharist services at 11:30am and 8pm, where you can receive ashes. This is the traditional way to begin the journey of Lent.

In addition, St. Christopher’s will be offering this year a menu of three activities that anyone can participate in. These three activities take place on Wednesday each week of Lent (13th March, 20th March, 27th March, 3rd April, 10th April).

  • A Lent Weekday Eucharist at 11:30am
  • A Lent Soup Lunch at 12noon
  • A Lent Course at approx. 12:45pm, finishing by 2:30pm

Our Lent Course is a 5 part York Course entitled “Daring to see God now”.

Mark’s Gospel begins with Jesus ‘proclaiming the Good news of God’. But, what is this ‘good news’, and who is it for? Taking Mark 1.14-15 as a starting point, this course raises important questions about change, repentance, and how we can become in ourselves living evidence of the good news. Examples are taken from the rest of Mark’s Gospel as well as contemporary and historic Christians.

Read this review from the ‘Church Times’:

‘This is a course that helps people to articulate their fears in a way that might deepen their faith and their attitudes to the world around them. It is designed to help people dare to see God in their own lives and those around them. We need not disguise the ‘darkness’ in our lives to be enabled to see God at work within them. There are good questions to be asked – Do you feel loved by God? Does Jesus always deliver what you expect? And more. The recorded conversations are lively. You may not always agree with what is being said but that starts conversations. This course will require some hard thinking by all concerned but there is no harm in that.’ (Review in RCA by Revd Christopher Wardale, Winter 2018)

In order to arrange catering and course material, please either sign the sheet in the church or email

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