Vision – Looking up

Here are some reflections from Fr. Peter on where we should be going in the Autumn. 

These reflections appeared in the “Hinchley Wood Magazine – Summer 2018”

Some people get very worried when priests start talking about having visions.  It could be that their mental health is in question, or that they seem to have lost a grip on reality.   It is natural that when you are working hard and focused on the immediate needs of your friends and community, you can lose a sense of perspective.  Therefore, every so often, it is necessary to raise your eyes, look further into the distance, and check that you know where you are going, that you are still heading in the right direction, even though it may take some time to get there.

Where do we start?

Some time ago St. Christopher’s recommitted itself to being a hub at the heart of the Hinchley Wood community. This involves not only providing a venue and welcome for community groups, but also prioritising engagement by the Church community with the wider community.

In the autumn we are going to launch a number of easy-to-access courses for local people, to help us come to a better understanding of the Christian tradition and how it can help us to live good integrated and satisfying lives. So whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an expert, there should be something for you.

We are also going to continue to host events where the community can meet and support each other.  It is a modern day problem that many people are isolated and often do not have the support of friends or family around them.  The church is a place where people of all ages and backgrounds should find a warm welcome, and we want to make sure that is true here in Hinchley Wood.

How do we grow?

Christianity is primarily a lived experience of relationship with the God who loves us, and commitment to share this love with the wider community around us.  One way we experience God’s love is through prayer and public worship.

We will continue to develop what we do on Sunday, but Church is not just a Sunday activity.  Worship happens in a variety of styles and situations and so we will continue to develop our worship

We also want to be a community that prays for each other, and especially for those who do not know how to pray or feel unable to pray.

Where does this lead?

When God fills our hearts with His love, our first response, a response of generosity is to share His love.  “You will know they are Christians by their love” a 1960s hymn proclaims.

We are looking to develop our service of each other and our fellowship with our neighbours, and to be more visibly a place where Christian love is modelled for all to witness and receive.

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