Sunday Services – 10am

St. Christopher’s Church is returning this weekend to “Hybrid” services.

“Hybrid” means you can:

  • come to the Church and attend “in-person”, if this is something you can do safely. It will be similar to the challenge of visiting a shop and we will do our best but we can’t guarantee it will be risk free.
  • participate from home, as we continue to provide an online virtual church service via Zoom and YouTube.

The service sheet is available to download below (We will not be providing service sheets in Church because of risk of contamination and transmission, so please print one out for yourself and bring it along to the service, or bring it on your mobile phone or tablet device :

We will try to make your visit as easy and safe as possible, and there are some things you can do to help us.

  • Please note that while restrictions are being lifted and legal requirements brought to an end, we are still in the middle of a pandemic and there are still people in our community who are vulnerable to COVID.
  • Print out and bring your own service sheet with you, or bring it on your mobile phone or tablet device.
  • Sanitise your hands at the entrance to the Church, (there’s a sanitiser station on the wall by the hymn books) and refrain from touching anything (as much as possible)
  • Wear a mask covering your nose and mouth, unless it makes you uncomfortable.
  • Please listen carefully to the instructions of our stewards. They are there for your safety and the safety of everyone in the Church.
  • Please maintain at least 2m distance from other people, and please be patient if you need to wait for others to move or clear your path. Social Distancing is one of the best ways of limiting the spread of COVID.
  • Singing is now a question of personal preference.
  • Socialising either before or after the service in the church is not permitted. Please maintain a prayerful silence in the Church. If you wish to talk to anyone this should be done outside the Church, while still maintaining a proper “social distance” of 2m.
  • If for any reason you feel ill or develop any symptoms of COVID-19 in the week following the service, please contact the number on the service sheet while you self-isolate and arrange a COVID-19 test.

We welcome children to all our services. Do feel free to bring appropriate items/activities to help occupy your children (e.g. books, toys, colouring, tablet device with earphones or sound muted). Children of all ages are very welcome and, where possible, paper-based activities will be provided for them during services, with any items provided having been quarantined for an appropriate period before use.

Participating Virtually Online

There are three ways you can actually join us virtually for the service from your homes.

  • Using an ordinary telephone
  • Joining a Video Conference using an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Watching a live video on YouTube

Using an ordinary telephone

You don’t need any modern technology to be able to hear the service, just an ordinary telephone. To join in, dial one of the following numbers (these are not premium rate and cost whatever a local call costs you, often free). If one is busy, try another.

  • 020 3481 5237
  • 020 3481 5240
  • 020 3051 2874

When you get through it will say “Welcome to Zoom, enter your meeting ID, followed by hash. Hash is the “#” symbol on your telephone.

  • The meeting ID is: 689 343 005 then press HASH ‘#’ (You do not need a PASSWORD)

If you are asked any other questions then simply press HASH ‘#’ again, as there is no further information that you should need.

You will enter the conference room. Initially, you will be unable to speak, but you should be able to hear the service when it starts at 10am. I will be the host from about 9:30am, so you will probably hear me welcoming people to this virtual gathering of the church.

The Zoom Video Conference

If you have a smartphone, tablet or computer then this is the best way of taking part. For most people this should be a simple matter of downloading an app of some software, typing in the meeting ID and then giving some permissions to the app or software to access your microphone and camera.

NOTE: You do not need to sign in, or create an account. You simply need to join a meeting.

Detailed information on what you need to do to join the church meeting is available here:

  • For those with an Apple iphone or ipad, click here.
  • For those with another smartphone which uses the Android system, click here
  • For those with a computer, either Windows or Mac, click here and follow the instructions, the first of which is:

Join a Meeting

  • Type in the meeting ID: 689 343 005 and press JOIN (You do not need a PASSWORD)
  • The computer will download the software. You may need to approve the download, and you may need to accept “terms and conditions”, and you may need to allow the software access to your microphone and camera.

Watch the YouTube video

If you know how to find YouTube on your smartphone or tablet, search for the YouTube channel “HinchleyWoodChurch”. We we start the livestream, the video will appear and you can watch it.

If you are using a computer, then type the following into an internet browser (Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Netscape, Safari etc).

The video will appear as soon as we start livestreaming the service, which will probably be about 9:55am