Latest Eco Tip – L.O.A.F. – Animal Friendly

One of St. Christopher’s pledges is to be an eco-church and we are participating in the A-Rocha Eco-Church Award scheme. This scheme suggests eco-initiatives, in a variety of areas, that church communities could introduce. ‘Success’ is measured by an award of bronze, silver, and ultimately gold status.

One initiative is to offer ‘eco-tips’ to our church community. We have researched the internet, put together a number of ideas, and hope you will find some of them to be thought-provoking, and useful!

L.O.A.F. – Animal Friendly

When shopping, think about LOAF principles (food that is Locally produced, Organically grown, Animal friendly, Fairly traded). All of us, whether vegan, vegetarian, or meat-eater, can follow the ‘A’ of the LOAF principles. We can choose to eat less meat and to buy higher welfare meat. Choose organically reared animal products if you can, and look out for labels such as, “free range” “outdoor reared/ bred”, or, “RSPCA Assured”. Through our choices, we can help respect and nurture the creatures that God made

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