Latest Eco Tip – Use a water butt in the garden

One of St.Christophers pledges is to be an eco-church and we are participating in the A-Rocha Eco-Church Award scheme. This scheme suggests eco-initiatives, in a variety of areas, that church communities could introduce. ‘Success’ is measured by an award of bronze, silver, and ultimately gold status.

One initiative is to offer ‘eco-tips’ to our church community. We have researched the internet, put together a number of ideas, and hope you will find some of them to be thought-provoking, and useful!

Water Saving Tip- Use a water butt in the garden

If you have a garden, consider using a water butt to capture and store rainwater to water your garden. The average house roof in the UK collects enough rainwater in a year to fill about 450 water butts.

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